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Violet — for big band (R. Buonaspina)
  • Violet — for big band (R. Buonaspina)

    SKU: GMC201812CBBV

    The gentler part of its diptych, "Violet" is a welcome, 9.5-minute palate cleanser to the highly over-masculinized energy of "Infernal."    Its lilting brush swing in unconventional meters (a time feel which should never feel rushed) invites the listener to subtle motives that luxuriate in plenty of space to develop.  A characteristic set of two solos introduces new harmonic ideas and "changes" to the through-composed form — allowing both the featured piano player, and later, the baritone player, to reinvigorate a new sense of "calm" to the piece.   


    For more info, view it at the online catalog here!

    • Solos: Piano, Baritone Sax


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