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three pieces of Eugene Boudin

three pieces of Eugene Boudin


2(I, II=fl.).2(I, II=cl.).1(I=bs. cl.) / 4(I, II, III, IV=flg.) / 3.1 / vox. (mezzo-sop.) / rtm. (+vib.) (+gtr.)


"III: Le bassin de L'eure au Havre" is the third installment of my three-part suite "three pieces of Eugene Boudin." Like the first two movements, the work extrapolates on a series of pitch cells that reflect the imagery of Boudin's settings — vast landscapes are developed within a peaceful stoicism, and one must be attentive in this particular movement to keep in mind Boudin's affinity to illustrating multiple iterations of the same setting: namely, the port of Le Havre. A featured out-of-band trombone soloist develops the pre-assigned pitch-cells into melodic and harmonic landscapes that familiarize the listener with the constructional material that parallels the eponymous works.

Full Audio

Full Audio


Premiered Live @ Advent Lutheran
Dec 2021


Abstract Paint

III: Le bassin de L'eure au Havre

for Big Band & medium-high voice

MSM Philharmonia Orchestra

For Sale
Mar 2019

9min 14sec

Premiered Dec 12, 2021

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three pieces of Eugene Boudin


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